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Nearly a million men, women, and children living in Kentucky will experience violence or sexual assault this year. Often, people who survive rape or another act of intimate violence feel overwhelmed and don’t know who to talk with or how to get the help they need. The Rising Center is here to assist survivors, their friends, and family members get the resources they need to reclaim their lives following sexual violence.

If you have found this site you may already be painfully aware of the physical, emotional, and psychological wounds that are created by rape and sexual abuse. At The Rising Center, we are committed to giving survivors and their loved ones the medical, legal, advocacy, and mental health services needed to begin the healing process. We are available to provide counseling, crisis, and on site hospital services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you or someone you care about has experienced sexual violence, you are not alone. You may have many questions but are unsure where to find answers. The Rising Center is here to help.

are based on the Kentucky Revised Statutes or KRS.